Protect Your Gold Coast Home from Water Leaks: A Guide to Leak Detection

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As a homeowner on the Gold Coast, it is important to be aware of any water leaks in your home. Even a small water leak can cause significant structural damage, incite mould growth, and cause a water bill increase.

At Local Plumbing & Gas Company, we understand how frustrating this can be and want to help you protect your home from potential water damage. So we’ve put together this guide to provide tips and advice for detecting water leaks on the Gold Coast quickly and effectively. We will explore the signs, importance, methods, and solutions for water leak detection and prevention. So let’s get started.

Signs of Water Leaks

As a Gold Coast homeowner, it is important to be vigilant about any signs of water leaks in your home. As mentioned, even a small leak can cause significant damage and incur costly repair bills. Here are the most common signs that you should look out for:

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  • Discolouration of ceilings or walls: If you notice any discolouration, dripping, or water stains on the walls or ceilings of your home, it could indicate a water leak.
  • Water bill increase: Unexpectedly high water bills can be a sign that your home has an undetected leak.
  • Musty odours: If you notice a musty smell in your home, it could be from mould or mildew caused by water damage.
  • Presence of mould or mildew: Look for patches of black, grey, brown, yellow, or green spots around the home, as this is a sign of mould growth due to water leaks.
  • Warped or stained flooring: Warping and staining of the floors can be a sign, particularly in bathrooms and kitchen sinks.
  • Low water pressure: If you notice that your home’s water pressure is low or nonexistent, this could be an indication of a leak somewhere within the home’s plumbing.
  • Rotten wood: If you notice any rotten or discoloured wood, this could also be a sign that a leak has been present for some time and is causing significant damage.

At Local Plumbing & Gas Company, we use state-of-the-art leak detection technology to quickly identify and quickly locate water leaks in Gold Coast homes. Our team of trained leak detectors uses the latest tools to trace, repair, or replace damaged areas and restore your home to its original condition.

Importance of Timely Detection

As a professional plumber, I cannot stress the importance of timely water leak detection in Gold Coast homes enough. Early detection is key to preventing water damage from worsening and saving homeowners money on repairs.

 The sooner you notice a leak in your home, the sooner we can help you stop any damage to your home, save water, protect your belongings, and avoid the health hazards associated with mould growth due to water damage.

At Local Plumbing & Gas Company, we know how important it is to find water leaks quickly, so we offer fast and reliable residential services to our Gold Coast customers. Using the latest technology, we can quickly find and fix any leak, no matter how small.

Timely action can prevent damage, reduce water waste, and avoid potential health hazards. And with our professional home water leak detection services on the Gold Coast, you can have peace of mind. Contact us today for more information.

Common Residential Water Leaks on the Gold Coast

Leaks are unavoidable in home maintenance, but there are a few common types of water leaks that you should look out for on the Gold Coast. Here is a list of the region’s most common residential water leaks and how they can be fixed.

  • Burst Pipe: A burst pipe is one of the most serious home water leaks and can cause extensive damage. To repair a burst pipe, the source of the leak must first be identified, and then it needs to be replaced or sealed. Our detection equipment is ideal for such a problem. It can find and identify concealed water leaks, either underground or within a wall cavity, so we can repair them with minimal impact on your home.
  • Dripping Tap: A dripping tap that drips 12 drops per minute can waste up to 108 litres of water each month (up to 518.4 litres of water a month). If you have a leaking tap, the safest way to fix it is to call us. We will investigate the issue and then replace or repair your tap accordingly.
  • Leaking Roof: If a roof is not in good condition, it can start leaking and cause water damage. To detect a roof leak, we use thermal imaging technology, which can identify the source of the leak from a distance. Once we have found the source of the leak, we can repair it or replace any damaged tiles to prevent further water damage.
  • Leaking Toilet: A leaking toilet is not just an inconvenience; it can also be quite costly as it uses up a lot of water. We use special equipment to find the source of a toilet leak and then either repair the damaged parts or replace them if necessary.
  • Leaking Shower: A leaking shower can be difficult to detect, but fixing it as soon as possible is essential. We use water pressure gauges and infrared cameras to find leaks in hard-to-reach places and then repair or replace the broken parts.
  • Leaking Sink: A leaking sink is often caused by a faulty valve, pipe fittings, or a broken seal. Fortunately, our leak detection equipment makes it easy for us to locate the issue and fix it quickly.
  • Leaking Hose: A leaking hose can be caused by a cracked or worn-out hose. Our leak detection services can quickly and easily find and replace any damaged hoses, so you don’t have to worry about more water damage.
  • Leaking Valves: It can be hard to find leaking valves because they are often hidden in walls or underground. Our equipment is ideal for this type of leak and can quickly identify the source, allowing us to repair it quickly.
  • Irrigation Leak: Because irrigation leaks are usually underground, they can be hard to find. Our specialised equipment can detect various irrigation leaks, allowing us to repair them quickly and effectively.
  • Pool Leak: Pool leaks are common and can cause extensive damage if not fixed quickly. Our home water leak detection services will identify the source of the pool leak, so we can repair it before any further damage is done.
  • Spa Leak: Spa leaks are not only annoying but can also be costly in terms of energy and water bills. Our home water leak detection services use high-tech tools to find and fix spa leaks before they cause any more damage.
  • Septic Tank Leak: Septic tank leaks can be dangerous to the environment, so it is important to identify and fix them quickly. We can locate any septic tank leaks and help you repair them before any further damage is done.
  • Sewer Line Leak: Sewer line leaks can be hard to spot and difficult to repair. We use high-tech tools to quickly and safely find the source of a sewer line leak and fix it.
  • Water Heater Leak: Water heater leaks can be caused by faulty connections, broken valves, or cracks in the tank. We can find water heater leaks quickly and fix or replace broken parts to prevent water damage from worsening.
  • HVAC Water Leak: HVAC systems contain a lot of valuable components that need to be protected from water damage. Our leak detectors use high-tech tools to quickly find and fix the source of an HVAC water leak.

Methods of Detection

We use various water leak detection methods at Local Plumbing & Gas Company to quickly and accurately find any home water leaks.

Visual inspections and water metres are good at detecting home water leaks. However, the most effective way is to hire a qualified plumber, like Local Plumbing & Gas Company. With our cutting-edge technology, we can quickly pinpoint any leak’s source and repair it.

Prevention and Maintenance

The best way to prevent home water leaks on the Gold Coast is to conduct regular plumbing inspections, use and maintain appliances correctly, fix any fixtures or pipes, and install water alarms.

Regular plumbing inspections can help detect leaks quickly and enable us to take action before they cause any major damage. Regular plumbing maintenance of home fixtures like showers will also help reduce leaks. We can stop leaks and any damage they might cause by fixing or replacing any worn-out fixtures.

Finally, installing water alarms is a great way to detect home water leaks early on. These alarms are placed near key areas of the home that may be prone to water leakages, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.


Water leaks can be a costly and time-consuming problem for homeowners on the Gold Coast. However, with our water leak detection services, we can help you identify any leak quickly and accurately. We use high-tech equipment to find the source of leaks and repair them before any further damage is done. We also suggest you have your plumbing checked regularly, use and maintain your home’s appliances properly, fix broken fixtures and pipes, and install water alarms.

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